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Understanding Commercial Messages
Recognizing Racism and Sexism in Media Programming
What Is Going On With Video Games
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Internet Safety: What in the World Is on the Worldwide Web
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Keep the Faith Media Literacy Series:
What parents want: Turn Up the Values
and Tune Out the Noise

Rev. Robin Blair’s seminars on media literacy offer

  • hope in a media-focused culture
  • a theological lens for parents, youth ministers, clergy and other care providers to use in making wise decisions regarding media choices.
  • Empowerment for you to make responsible choices for media consumption that demonstrate the values and virtues which reflect your faith centered lifestyle

Blair currently offers the following two-hour sessions. However, most can be tailored to meet your preferred subject matter and timeframe. For more information on topics, pricing and availability, contact Blair.

For Booking Information, please call

Rev. Robin Blair at 315-729-4485 or email