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The ministry that I share with people nationwide is that we can live a life of faith without feeling we have to compromise it on a daily basis in the modern world. I bring to you my experiences and interpretations to help lessen the media noise that competes for our attention and understanding of God.

Through this call, I have been given unique opportunities to create, produce and host award-winning radio and television programs, write national advertising jingles, sing (one of my gifts and passions) in shopping malls, baseball stadiums, churches and even Vegas showrooms; and record four CDs just for children.

I have been blessed to serve as clergy in the United Methodist Church and as an adjunct faculty at seminary, as well as spread my message through faith-based web sites celebrating the joy of family.

Now my focus combines these rich experiences, a love of music and an appreciation for family life with my first-hand knowledge of media into a unique ministry that allows me to serve God where faith meets popular culture.

I believe that love, respect and hope can be heard over the roar of popular music lyrics, advertising and the violence found in movies and video games. It is with this message in mind that I invite you to share this unique perspective through my faith-based presentations on media literacy and the family, as well as the children’s music that helps to support my ministry.

It is my hope that together we can treat one another with respect, promote justice, love mercy, walk humbly, and most importantly, embrace the blessings of children and family.
With blessings,

Rev. Robin Blair